How Old Do You Feel When You Feel?

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2019

We call ourselves adults, as though we are someone different than we once were.

The truth is that we are just older children. An aged version of the person we were when we were younger. Our body, mind, environment, responsibilities and circumstances may have changed but we are still the "us" we were when we were 11..7...5...2 years old.

Why am I sharing this?

Two reasons:

1) The next time you feel an intense emotion from either side of the emotional spectrum, whether sadness or joy, ask yourself how old you feel? Are you feeling silly and 6 years old? Scared and 3?

Realizing that your younger self is still you, makes tapping into who you are and what you need today so much easier because you don't see yourself as two separate people (as we often do by thinking of ourselves as once being a child and now being an adult).

This is valuable because you now know that you can learn to heal, evolve and grow from a challenging spot OR regain comfort, confidence and a continuation from a place you now wish you were.

2) Recognizing that everyone around you is also just an older version of their child-self can help you to have more compassion and understanding for where they are at.

Each year we may add another number to the years we've been alive but we carry the same person with us the entire time, growing and maturing in different areas at different rates based on the lives we've had outside of ourselves and how we've connected to those on the inside of ourselves.

The good news is (well, there is lots of good news!), it's never too late to grow out of things that aren't serving you or to climb back into a version of yourself that fit the best.

I love you! <3


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