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purpose Mar 27, 2019
There's a certain type of question that lingers in many of our minds, if we stay aware enough to hear it. 
"What am I doing?"
"What's my purpose?" 
"What am I living for?" 
This reflection can feel extremely heavy, ya?
But it may be the most important type of question. 
When the details of each day blend into the next and the conversations loose their lustre and we wake up to a different year wondering where the past year went it can all start to feel a little pointless, pushing us to ask "What is the point?" 
I want to free you from the idea that you are here to do one thing. Maybe you are, maybe you're not. 
In my own life I have had dozens of purposes I thought were "the one". Many of the people I most admire and have learned tremendously life-changing knowledge from have done such a variety of things it's hard to believe the shifts and changes could have taken place in the same life (or body). 
What I've learned over time is that as I continue to grow and become more aware of myself and the world around me I discover purposes I couldn't have possibly had years ago because I didn't know a purpose like that existed. 
As you grow and expand, your capacity to grow and expand does as well. 
If you're in a place where you feel deeply connected to one purpose, awesome!! I am cheering you on and hope you go as deep into that purpose as it will take you. 
For the rest of us, I'd like us to shift our focus around purpose from the idea that we have "a" purpose to just plain "having" purpose.
Why limit yourself to one purpose when there is a whole world of purposes out there! 
We can have purposes in every area of our lives, with each relationship, with each project, there are no limits! 
Embrace purpose in general and you will ease up on the pressure you've been putting on yourself and also enjoy your purposeful life.
And one thing to remember is....
YOU HAVE PURPOSE!! Just because you ARE. (Check out the audio clip in the Membership area where I go deeper into this to help you embrace that and build on it.)

So maybe you were hoping this would help you to really zone in on your purpose (or  "your why" or "your personal mission statement") because you feel it would really help you feel focused, aligned and get your thriving on! I won't argue with that. I mean, I'll argue with it being a concrete statement, but we all feel more secure in our day-to-day lives when we know what to do when we wake up every morning. 
Here are some things to help you if you are feeling the pressure of picking "one" thing:
*Make a list of all the things you've enjoyed doing, learning, being a part of or creating in your life. What has lit you up? Or continues to when you get a chance to be a part of it? Actually write it out. Thinking something vs. writing the list and seeing it all laid are completely different. 
*Admire that list! If you really did the exercise you will realize that you are a person who connects to something greater than themselves, which is really what having purpose is all about. 
*Without thinking about "how" (which can be an absolute crusher of action), circle 3 of the items on your list that you would love to include more of in your life. You have a written list now so don't worry about the others getting left behind. Keep your list. You can always return to it later in life when you feel ready to shift again. 
*Reflect on where in your current career or day-to-day activities you can incorporate these items. I have yet to meet someone who can't add more of their purpose to the job (or life) they already have, so if you're really stuck I'd love to hear what you've got. But only after you do the work. ;) 
*If this activity is more about helping you gain new insight into a different career direction pick one of the items you circled on your list and come up with 3 next steps (itty bitty are the best) that you can take today, yes today (or first thing in the morning), that allow you to experience that purpose. Again, I have yet to find something I can't brainstorm a next step on so give it a try, you know your passions and life better than I do. 
*Live your big purposeful life. On purpose. 

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