THE END Is Coming. We Just Don't Know When.

awareness death life Aug 01, 2019

For all purposes “THE END” will refer to death. Your funeral. Your last moment here, as you are.

I haven’t done this yet, because logistically I’m not sure what it will look like, but I’d like to give free coaching sessions (relating to this post) to all members of my silly, super supportive, growth community (details at the bottom if you haven’t heard of it because I’m terrible at talking about it ;)).

We’re all going to die. In fact we are dying. Right now. Waaaiiit. Wait. Please, just a second, I know it’s absolutely the last thing you want to think about, in fact despite your brain constantly focusing on not dying, you rarely think about the fact you are going to die.


Here we all are. Walking about, using our wondrous bodies, exploring this remarkable world, using this technology that I personally don’t have a clue how to explain….there’s a lot of “WOW” going on.

It is all pretty amazing.

The most amazing thing thought is the fact that we are here at all.

I won’t get into all the ways in which the chances of us being here are slim to none, or one in a million or billion or trillion (I’m not good at math)… BUT what I am good at is thinking about my funeral.

What?! Ya, I know, it sounds kind of morbid when you hear it at first. 

I’ve been thinking, planning and excitedly creating my end-of-life party for over a decade now. 

After facing my own mortality, and being blessed to be surrounded by others who have come back from nearing the other side, I have not only an appreciation for life but a very raw realization that death is also something I move closer to each moment. We all do.

I want to share this with you because I want to help people face their death, well not exactly the death part, the party part. The celebration of their life. Perhaps the most important time of their life.

I’ve been secretly bursting with excitement about this for years, not quite sure how people would take it, not quite sure if it might be one of those secrets you keep until you die….

But I can’t, because I know the power behind it….

I’m a coach. In every business I run, with every client I meet, with every thought I think. I am constantly talking and thinking about moving from point A to B. Where are we going? How are we going to get there? Why are we going there?

Sometimes it’s a weight loss goal, sometimes it’s starting a business, sometimes it’s selling a house, leaving a job, building confidence…but ALWAYS it is getting someone to focus on “the end” and being motivated by that end, because it’s not just what we get at the end, it’s what we feel and what shows up and really, the experience of it all.

So what’s the endest of all ends? THE END. Death.

Gee, I hope you are still with me.

If “A” is our birth, our funeral is our “B”, or our “Z”; the end point we are moving towards.

There are thousands of starting and ending points within this space but there is only one finale.

I believe (as I’ve experienced myself) that if you zoom in on THE END and imagine what you want the experience and the celebration of your life to be about it, it will be the ultimate driver for the rest of your days.

An example of what your final party might look like?

Yes! Imagine this.

You’re dead. I’m sorry, not sorry.

You did great!!! 

All those you’ve loved and who have loved you have gathered together to celebrate your life.

What did you do? Who did you impact? What was your vibe? What was the colour of your life?

(There are so many other questions I’d love to share with you if you’re interested in going down this path. I mean, we’re all going down “THIS” path, but I mean the path of planning your final hooray….living with the end in mind and what that end will look like.”)

Okay, so we’re at your party.

Will friends and family be remarking on how you lived each day to the fullest? Solved a global challenge? Gave your spare time to children in need? Showed up fully whenever you were with them?

Who will be speaking? Your best friend you were always there for? The partner you had deep and loving moments with? Members of a location organization you were a part of?

Where will they be speaking? In the park? A church? A baseball field?

What will everyone be eating? Drinking? Rainbow sprinkled cupcakes? Make-your-own-burritoes? Oreo milkshakes? I’ll be having one of my very bestest friends cater my end-of-life bash, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Will there be a dance party? A basketball tournament? Make your own kites?

Are you still thinking this sounds insane?

Will you create a video ahead of time to say farewell ‘in person’.

You won’t be there, but you sort of can be.

Will there be goodie bags? Takeaways? Letters written to those you want to share a personal goodbye with?

These are things you can decide (and let people know well in advance). It can bring so much peace (and excitement…sorry, I know, it’s probably still a little weird to think about in this way) to everyone involved in your passing.

This is your last moment to say something, to leave an impact, to share a message. What do you want that message to be? What do you want people to go away thinking? Doing? Feeling?

But most importantly, what I’m really going on about, what I really want you to take away and what I really want to help people connect to is this….

How would your life, your habits, your focus, your behaviours and your choices need to change or evolve to live in a way that matched the answers to these questions?

If you want people to remark on the things you did, the person you were and the way you made them feel, well…..there is going to have to be some actions to support these connections.

When a loved one dies the world stops. Then slowly, we are forced to go back to the life we had before, but without them. Maybe we can give them an experience, a send off, a message, that helps them feel at peace and inspired with our end, and maybe theirs too.

I want you to think about THE END, plan THE END, so that you live each day with that in mind, because it’s one thing that is guaranteed to us all.

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