The Winters Of Our Lives

Aim: To cause a moment of reflection on how you can best prepare for the winters of your life, seasonly or internally.

There are two kinds of winters that enter our lives. The winters that change the way things are on the outside of ourselves and the winters that change what’s going on on the inside. 

One of the primary differences in the two is that the winters on the outside of us are shared by those around us, we are going through it together and we are understood in the challenges we may experience.

“It’s cold.” says one Canadian to the next. No argument there.  

Through quick dashes from our house to our car, frozen eyelashes and countdowns to spring, we all agree....winter can be tough.

The other kind of winter is a state of being. It unfolds the same. The days get darker and we spend more time inside wishing for warmer and brighter days. The difference is that our experience is our own. 

I just came out of a winter.








It began before the seasons shifted in the world outside me and it cleared after the birds began to sing again. It was these external signs that caused me to realize I was in a winter of my soul. 

Just like the dance between winter and spring, the moment where you are in one season and not the other isn’t entirely clear. 

You may feel the air getting warmer and be excited for sunnier days to come, only to be bundled up the next day shivering and confused about the way things are unfolding.

Slowly though, hope arises, you can see what you couldn’t before….that no winter lasts forever, no matter how hard. 

Winter will come again. How best can we prepare for it?

Well, we can use our springs!

When you can see with fresh optimism the world around you, but can still recall where you’ve come from, you have the insight and reflection to know how you could have helped yourself better. And you can plan. 

Whether you have recently had an uncomfortable winter inside or out, or just want to experience it in a more empowering and nurturing way next time it comes around, I want to help you prepare. 

For non-members (of my super awesome community of life lovers) I suggest writing a letter to yourself reflecting on the thoughts you had as you read the words above. What details of the winters of your life came back to you? How did you move into a new spring? What message would you find comforting and assuring during a future winter?

After writing it, tuck it a way in a safe place, maybe the coat pocket of your winter jacket, and read it when the days get darker and shorter. 

For my Level 1 and Level 2 Members, check out your Member Area for resources and support to create a plan to Winterize your life on the inside and out. 


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