Letters to Myself (For You)

It started as an activity I'd get my workshop participants to do at the end of some serious growth work. 
"Write a letter to yourself. It can say anything, it just has to be supportive and helpful to you on your journey of growth. Seal it, address it and you can't leave until you drop it at the front." 
It started as a gift for them. I'd gather the letters, put them away in a box in my office until a few months would pass. Sometimes I'd send them because I'd hear that one of them had something challenging come up in their life, or maybe I'd be adding another pile of letters and realize it had been 3 months since the oldest batch had been sitting there. There never has been a method to the mailing, but every time I mail them I hear from someone, "You wouldn't believe what happened on the day I got my letter."
I believe! 
It's been an incredible gift for me as well, walking to the mailbox, a large pile of self-addressed love letters in...
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