Let's Talk Purpose

purpose Mar 27, 2019
There's a certain type of question that lingers in many of our minds, if we stay aware enough to hear it. 
"What am I doing?"
"What's my purpose?" 
"What am I living for?" 
This reflection can feel extremely heavy, ya?
But it may be the most important type of question. 
When the details of each day blend into the next and the conversations loose their lustre and we wake up to a different year wondering where the past year went it can all start to feel a little pointless, pushing us to ask "What is the point?" 
I want to free you from the idea that you are here to do one thing. Maybe you are, maybe you're not. 
In my own life I have had dozens of purposes I thought were "the one". Many of the people I most admire and have learned tremendously life-changing knowledge from have done such a variety of things it's hard to believe the shifts and changes could have taken place in the same life (or...
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