The Winters Of Our Lives

Aim: To cause a moment of reflection on how you can best prepare for the winters of your life, seasonly or internally.

There are two kinds of winters that enter our lives. The winters that change the way things are on the outside of ourselves and the winters that change what’s going on on the inside. 

One of the primary differences in the two is that the winters on the outside of us are shared by those around us, we are going through it together and we are understood in the challenges we may experience.

“It’s cold.” says one Canadian to the next. No argument there.  

Through quick dashes from our house to our car, frozen eyelashes and countdowns to spring, we all agree....winter can be tough.

The other kind of winter is a state of being. It unfolds the same. The days get darker and we spend more time inside wishing for warmer and brighter days. The difference is that our experience is our own. 

I just came out of a...

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