Authentic. Intentional. Motivating.

A Heartfelt Speaker With Practical Strategies for Real Life and Business Success


"Jenna is an incredibly authentic speaker who captures her audience with her words as much as her charm. Her message educates as well as inspires and leaves the audience wanting more."

Rod MacDonald
CEO Certified Coaches Federation

Impactful and Memorable

 Through Jenna’s collection of keynotes, workshops and trainings, she won’t just make you feel empowered and inspired to do more, she will make you want to get up out of your seat and make a difference in your life and the world immediately following your time together, or in some situations, midway through.

Known for her vulnerability and comfort in talking about real life challenges and successes in life and business, Jenna aligns herself with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, and takes them with her on a journey to possibility, no matter where you are coming from. 

"Jenna has a wonderful heartfelt message to share with the world. She speaks from her life experiences, sugarcoating nothing.  To hear her is very impactful and inspirational. I personally along with the rest of the audience was deeply moved by her keynote presentation. Jenna’s battles and courageous story needs to be heard more."

Charles Marcus

Motivational Speaker & Best Selling Author
 Ranked #41: Top Motivational Speaker in The World by Hunger2Succeed

Jenna Speaks For You

What Does You Or Your Group Need To Hear?

Each keynote, workshop and training will be catered to the audience in which it is being presented to. Please connect with Jenna directly to discuss what it is you want your audience to learn, feel and walk away with and she’ll create or cater an existing presentation based on your needs and objectives.

"Jenna truly has a gift to not only inspire others to live a healthy life but the knowledge on how to teach others to live a healthy life. Now that indeed is smart!"

Kathy Smart

Best Selling Author, TV Show Host CEO of Live The Smart Way

Find Out If Jenna's The Right Fit  

Jenna has experience as a keynote speaker, MC and panelist for events that are intimate or conference size. 

If you'd like to book Jenna for an upcoming public event or private workplace trainings or workshop you can email her directly at [email protected]


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