The Winters Of Our Lives

Aim: To cause a moment of reflection on how you can best prepare for the winters of your life, seasonly or internally.

There are two kinds of winters that enter our lives. The winters that change the way things are on the outside of ourselves and the winters that change what’s going on on the inside. 

One of the primary differences in the two is that the winters on the outside of us are shared by those around us, we are going through it together and we are understood in the challenges we may experience.

“It’s cold.” says one Canadian to the next. No argument there.  

Through quick dashes from our house to our car, frozen eyelashes and countdowns to spring, we all agree....winter can be tough.

The other kind of winter is a state of being. It unfolds the same. The days get darker and we spend more time inside wishing for warmer and brighter days. The difference is that our experience is our own. 

I just came out of a...

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A Crying State of Mind

emotions pain Apr 08, 2019
         Sometimes songs feel like daggers and sometimes they feel like blankets. 
I've been crying a lot lately. The unexpected kind. 
There are cries you hold back, push down and beg to go away and then there is the unexpected. The warm water running down your face, reaching your chin before you even recognize it's happening. 
Not the kind of cry that feels like the floodgates burst, but almost natural, effortlessly, unconsciously, like a relaxed breath out. 
I used to cry. A lot. For years at one period of my life. 
I would hide in washrooms, hide in blankets, hide in cars. I would cry. I would cry for things that never happened and for things I couldn't forget. I would cry about all the things I couldn't change and those I was afraid I might not be able to. I would cry for people I'd never met, places I'd never been and moments that weren't a part of my experience. 
Then I...
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Letters to Myself (For You)

It started as an activity I'd get my workshop participants to do at the end of some serious growth work. 
"Write a letter to yourself. It can say anything, it just has to be supportive and helpful to you on your journey of growth. Seal it, address it and you can't leave until you drop it at the front." 
It started as a gift for them. I'd gather the letters, put them away in a box in my office until a few months would pass. Sometimes I'd send them because I'd hear that one of them had something challenging come up in their life, or maybe I'd be adding another pile of letters and realize it had been 3 months since the oldest batch had been sitting there. There never has been a method to the mailing, but every time I mail them I hear from someone, "You wouldn't believe what happened on the day I got my letter."
I believe! 
It's been an incredible gift for me as well, walking to the mailbox, a large pile of self-addressed love letters in...
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Let's Talk Purpose

purpose Mar 27, 2019
There's a certain type of question that lingers in many of our minds, if we stay aware enough to hear it. 
"What am I doing?"
"What's my purpose?" 
"What am I living for?" 
This reflection can feel extremely heavy, ya?
But it may be the most important type of question. 
When the details of each day blend into the next and the conversations loose their lustre and we wake up to a different year wondering where the past year went it can all start to feel a little pointless, pushing us to ask "What is the point?" 
I want to free you from the idea that you are here to do one thing. Maybe you are, maybe you're not. 
In my own life I have had dozens of purposes I thought were "the one". Many of the people I most admire and have learned tremendously life-changing knowledge from have done such a variety of things it's hard to believe the shifts and changes could have taken place in the same life (or...
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